Crypto Investigation Process

Cryptocurrency is an exciting new way to make transactions and trade online. However, it’s also a magnet for digital fraud. One of the reasons cryptocurrency is used in cybercrime is the anonymity of transactions. Although every bitcoin wallet is linked to a code, there are no names, addresses, or other information. 

That’s why you need to launch a crypto investigation if you’ve lost funds on the blockchain. However, you don’t need to be an expert on the blockchain or crypto transactions to figure out where your funds our. Trust CryptoTrace professionals with advanced techniques and state-of-the-art technology that can unmask the identities of the people who stole your money.

What Is Crypto Investigation

A crypto investigation is your most effective weapon against crypto theft. It involves collecting information and applying cutting-edge technology and forensics methods to locate client funds. After the investigation process, our team will create a crypto investigation report which will give the authorities leads on tracking down your crypto funds.

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What Are the Steps in the Crypto Investigation Process?

  • Client consultation
  • In-depth case analysis
  • Crypto tracking with specialized software, applications, algorithms, and proprietary databases
  • Crypto forensics analysis
  • Investigation report

The crypto investigation report begins with collecting information from our clients. We’ll interview you, ask questions about your case and collect documentation that will help us map out a strategy.

After analyzing your case carefully, Crypto Trace experts will apply specialized software, applications, and algorithms and consult proprietary databases to shed more light on your case. In addition, we’ll use crypto forensics techniques to uncover the identities of persons of interest and accomplices. 

Once we have collected the data, we will organize and formulate an investigative report that will provide authorities with the information they need to pursue your case.

Uncover CryptoTransactions on the Blockchain with CryptoTrace Experts!

Crypto Trace gives its clients the tools they need to back up their claims. If you have lost money on the blockchain due to hacking or through crypto fraud, our experts will consult with you and launch a thorough investigation. We will present you with a thorough investigation report that can improve the chances of a successful result for your crypto claim.