Crypto nvestigative Service

Crypto investigation is an important tool in the fight against crime on the blockchain. Cryptocurrency is an exciting trend that is here to stay. It provides autonomy and a certain degree of transaction transparency that is unparalleled in traditional financial services. 

However, the blockchain has also been a favorite venue for cybercrime. The FBI has warned that crypto scams are the leading type of online fraud. Anonymous bitcoin wallets and the availability of codes rather than names and locations have created a perfect storm for would-be hackers and swindlers. 

The best way to fight back if you’ve lost your money to a crypto hacker or a holder of an anonymous bitcoin wallet is through crypto investigative services. We can unmask identities and track down the location of your funds on the blockchain.

What Is Crypto Investigation

Crypto investigation uses advanced technology and expertly-developed crypto forensics to discover who is holding your funds. We begin with client information and from there we create a game plan for tracking down stolen crypto. After a technical and forensics analysis, we create investigation reports that you can present to law enforcement and will make it easier to pursue your claim.

What Crypto Investigative Services Are Available?

  • Detailed case analysis
  • Advanced crypto tracking technology
  • Proprietary databases
  • Crypto forensic techniques
  • Customized intelligence reports  


Our crypto investigative services begin with our customers. The first step in the process is consulting with our customers and gathering all of the relevant information and documentation.

After developing an investigation plan, we use software, applications, algorithms, and other cutting-edge tools to trace the path of transactions and uncover the identities behind anonymous bitcoin wallets. We consult our proprietary databases and employ crypto forensic techniques to create a full picture of how your money was taken and where it ended up. 

At the end of the process, Crypto Trace experts create customized intelligence reports that will you can bring to the authorities. These reports are essential information, including names and information about persons of interest, that bolster your claim and can help you succeed with your crypto case.

Find Out How Crypto Trace’s Crypto Investigative Services Can Boost Your Claim

Crypto Trace gives its clients the tools they need to back up their claims. If you have lost money on the blockchain due to hacking or crypto fraud, our experts will consult with you and launch a thorough investigation. We will present you with a thorough investigation report that can improve the chances of a successful result for your crypto claim.