How to File a Crypto-Complaint

Cryptocurrency is an innovative way to pay for goods and services online, unfortunately, crypto scams abound on the web. The problem of crypto scams increases each year, and is responsible for the loss of millions of dollars. Too many people simply give up when they lose money to a cryptocurrency scam. It is important instead to file a crypto complaint as soon as the problem is discovered. 

Crypto-Trace helps consumers file crypto-complains. Our team has expertise in dealing with a variety of fraudulent activities and has a close connection with authorities. Our team executes detailed crypto intelligence reports with essential information about each type of fraud. We provide the resources that assist our clients through every phase of the crypto complaint process and improve the chances of a successful result.

Types of Cryptocurrency Complaints and Scams

The type of crypto complaint you file requires outlining specifically what happened and understanding how the fraud occurred. Therefore, having familiarity with different types of crypto scams is essential when creating your Crypto-complaint. 

Crypto Scam Brokers

If you were involved in cryptocurrency for trading purposes, you may have fallen victim of crypto scam brokers. The tricks played by crypto brokers are similar to those of other fraudulent brokers. They may advertise ways to trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies or ask you to pay in bitcoin to ensure transactions are anonymous and therefore, less traceable. 

Crypto Scam brokers may not seem fraudulent at first. You may have been told you made some money in the first few trades. The problem with fraudulent brokers is that they often do not allow clients to withdraw their funds, or if they do, they demand an outsized fee. It can be difficult to get money back from a Crypto Scam Broker. However, our experts can improve your chances by assisting you in filing a detailed crypto complaint. 

Crypto Scam Impersonation

Impersonation of social media accounts is a growing problem. This occurs for various types of fraud, but one of the most common are for crypto scams. In this type of fraud, scammers pretend to be celebrities endorsing a bitcoin investment opportunity or a donation in cryptocurrency. They will provide a link that will lead directly to a fraudulent account, and donors may receive a confirmation, but their money will not go for the investment or the charity. 

The relative ease with which accounts can be imitated or hacked into is troubling. One way to avoid falling for this crypto scam is to double-check on Google that the celebrity is or is not involved in this program. Usually, high-profile individuals will issue a press release before making a major move, and you will be able to track this in news reports. 

Crypto Scam Phishing

Phishing involves stealing information from people. This could be a bank account, social security  number, password, and other information. Someone who is guilty of phishing will get information from people through deceptive means. In the case of crypto scam phishing, the fraudsters will take advantage of clients who are not so tech-savvy and will tell them to download software that will enable them to access their computers. 

Their pretend purpose is to help them set up a bitcoin account. From there, the fraudsters will steal information as well as the cryptocurrency from apps and wallets. Phishers usually take everything they can get, from digital coins to social security numbers. 

Fake Wallets and Apps

The sad irony of this type of crypto scam is that the very tools that are used to keep cryptocurrency safe are the weapon employed by scammers to steal digital coins from users. Unfortunately, fake apps and wallets are often sold alongside legitimate ones. 

When a person buys a wallet or an app for their cryptocurrency, the person who sold it to them retains the codes and simply steals it. These companies do not tend to have permanent addresses or contact information and believe they can’t be traced. Fortunately, Crypto-Trace experts can unmask create investigative reports to help authorities find these fraudsters.

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How to File a Cryptocurrency Complaint

When you file a cryptocurrency complaint, you should not act alone. Finding resources such as Crypto-Trace is essential to find the right information to track down crypto scams. 

Some people feel helpless when they are robbed of their cryptocurrency. The very things they like about digital currency seem to work against them if they are victims of crypto-scams. They may assume that the decentralization and anonymity of digital currency make it less likely the scammers will get caught. 

That is only partially true. Crypto-trace professionals dig down and perform the crypto intelligence reports to crack down on fraud. These intelligence reports can help authorities track down scammers. 

Additionally, you should file a complaint with the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The CFPB helps police the cryptocurrency market and deals with complaints about fraud. It is important to get assistance and file your initial complaint thoroughly and correctly because they rarely accept more than one complaint about the same incident. 

To file a crypto complaint, it is important to have correct, documented data, including names, places, and dates. Include any correspondence from the company including emails and messages. You will be asked to fill out forms and invited to briefly describe what happened. Review your complaint thoroughly before turning it in.

Need Assistance Filing a Crypto-Complaint? Contact Crypto-Trace!

When it comes to filing your crypto-complaint, reporting a crypto-scam, or working to investigate fraud, Crypto-Trace experts will assist you through every step. Simply reporting isn’t enough. A full crypto intelligence report will give the authorities a full picture of what happened and how to track down the scammers. 

Consult with our experts right away. Crypto scams tend to be executed quickly and the money can be laundered rapidly. Crypto-Trace professionals act swiftly to investigate the scam and can provide you a full report in time to help you pursue your lost funds. The right information can make all the difference in the process of recovering your funds and increase the odds of a successful result.