Crypto Investigation report

A crypto investigation report is a valuable tool in the fight against illegal crypto activity. It gives full transparency into our methods and what we have discovered in our search. These reports are essential for authorities to pursue cyber crime and often lead to a successful result. 

Crypto investigations can be complex, and that is why our expertise is needed to successfully halt fraudulent accounts to prevent your money from being laundered and lost Our reports give law enforcement the information they need to launch an official investigation or can validate clients’ claims sufficiently to secure a court order freezing bitcoin wallets on exchanges and preventing further blockchain transactions. 

What Is an Investigation Report? 

When you receive your investigation report, you will see:

  • A timeline of events
  • A summary of the investigation
  • Graphic representation of the movement of funds
  • Exclusive data about suspected culprits
  • Actionable conclusions to encourage action


To get the authorities to pay attention to your crypto complaint, it is vital that you approach them not only with a complaint but an investigation report. The information in these reports can hasten the process and persuade the authorities to freeze funds and suspicious bitcoin wallets.

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How We Create an Investigation Report

The investigation report is a culmination of our search for identities behind bitcoin wallets. We use:: 

  • Specialized cointracking software
  • Blockchain analytics and algorithms
  • Our extensive databases with information from hundreds of cases
  • Expert bitcoin forensics


Following the investigation, we compose each report with attention to detail and create a compelling case that will encourage authorities to pursue your case. 

Uncover CryptoTransactions on the Blockchain with CryptoTrace Experts!

Crypto Trace gives its clients the tools they need to back up their claims. If you have lost money on the blockchain due to hacking or through crypto fraud, our experts will consult with you and launch a thorough investigation. We will present you with a thorough investigation report that can improve the chances of a successful result for your crypto claim.