Crypto Recovery

No one likes feeling cheated. Unfortunately, millions of people have had this experience with crypto scams in the past few years. No sooner did cryptocurrency hit the headlines than bitcoin scams appeared in massive numbers. Nowadays, the number of crypto scams seems to outnumber legitimate opportunities on the blockchain. 

However, that doesn’t mean you should avoid using bitcoin to pay for items or trading cryptocurrencies. Instead, it means being careful and doing your due diligence. If you’ve lost money to fraud and need crypto recovery, it’s important to work promptly, enlist experts on your side and adopt a strategy for crypto recovery success.

What Is Crypto Recovery?

Crypto recovery is fund recovery applied specifically to the cryptocurrency sector. It’s different from traditional types of fund recovery. Credit card chargebacks, bank wire recalls and PayPal dispute payments are other forms of fund recovery. 

Crypto recovery is more complicated than credit card chargebacks, for example. There can be no chargeback from cryptocurrency in the strict sense. That’s because all transactions on the blockchain are permanent and can’t be reversed. 

Instead, you’ll need a refund from a crypto transaction. It’s unlikely, however, that people who run bitcoin scams will willingly provide a refund. That’s why crypto recovery often requires involvement with authorities or crypto exchanges.

How Often Does Bitcoin Recovery Succeed?

There’s no doubt that bitcoin recovery takes a lot of work, expertise and patience. It’s not as straightforward as calling your credit card company and getting a chargeback for unauthorized charges.

There is no guarantee that bitcoin recovery will result in getting back 100% of lost funds. There are many factors are involved in bitcoin recovery including: 

  • How long ago were the funds taken?
  • Has this scammer been involved in other scams?
  • Are the authorities aware of this scam? 
  • Does this fraudster leave traces and patterns that can be easily detected?
  • Has the money been cashed out and if so where?

These are just a few of the many questions that have to be answered in a crypto investigation. Just as a doctor or a lawyer can’t guarantee a certain outcome, even experts in crypto recovery won’t make promises. However, if you have experts on your side, you are more likely to succeed.

What Are the Steps in the Crypto Scam Recovery Process?

The crypto scam recovery process involves the following steps:

  • Contacting the crypto exchange and alerting them to the suspected scam
  • Consulting with Crypto Trace experts and giving a full account of the case
  • Providing documentation to Crypto Trace
  • Crypto Trace will launch a full crypto investigation using advanced technology and forensic techniques
  • Crypto Trace will create a crypto report that you can take to authorities
  • Authorities will use the findings to pursue their own investigation and recover funds

Should I Seek Bitcoin Recovery Services?

Before you seek bitcoin recovery services, look before you leap. Unfortunately, along with crypto scams, fraudulent crypto recovery services have also crept up all over the place. Avoid any bitcoin recovery service that give false guarantees of 98% or 100% success. 

At Crypto Trace, we give you a diagnosis of your crypto case. You can take our crypto reports to the authorities and our findings will bolster your case. We don’t give you false guarantees and leave you in the lurch. Instead, we provide you with tangible evidence you can use on the road to crypto recovery.

Are You Seeking Crypto Recovery? Talk to Crypto Trace Experts Today

Crypto Trace gives its clients the tools they need to support their claims. If you have lost money on the blockchain due to hacking or crypto fraud, our experts will consult with you and launch a thorough investigation. We will present you with an investigation report that can improve the chances of a successful result for your crypto claim.