Crypto Investigation

If you have lost funds on the blockchain, what’s next? A crypto investigation is the only way to locate the bitcoin wallet that hides your funds and the identity of the people who control it.

 It is fairly easy for fraudsters to disguise their activities behind anonymous bitcoin transactions, but fortunately, our team has developed advanced techniques and uses state-of-the-art cointracking software. The result is a crypto investigation that gets results and can help the authorities take action against the people who took your crypto.

What Is a Crypto Investigation

What do you need to know about our crypto investigation process? First of all, you should know what makes the Crypto Trace team unique. We have:


  • A team of highly skilled and expert trained investigators
  • Bitcoin block explorer technology
  • Blockchain algorithms and analytics
  • Detailed investigation reports that give the authorities a head start on your case

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Steps to Crypto Investigation

The process of investigation begins by talking to you about your experience and ends with a thorough investigation report that describes our findings. The steps in this process are as follows:

  • Initial consultation
  • Case analysis
  • Application of crypto trace technology
  • Bitcoin forensic investigation
  • Investigation report

Initial Consultation

We meet with you and ask questions about your case. You will tell us about your transactions, communication with the other parties and provide documentation to help us get started.

Case Analysis

Our experts will analyze carefully the information you provided as well as corroborating documentation and estimate the chances of success in your case. If we decide to take the case, we will move the crypto investigation on to the next level.

Technical Crypto Trace Tracking

We work quickly and efficiently to identify relevant blockchain transactions that might reveal patterns and provide clues to unmask suspicious bitcoin wallets. We use:

  • Seamless data attribution
  • Crypto analytics
  • Clustering algorithms
  • Multi-tracking of cryptocurrency classes 

Crypto Investigation

We combine first-class technical solutions with human ingenuity and apply crypto forensics methods to analyze your case and identify possible culprits who may be hiding your funds in bitcoin wallets.

Investigative Report

After we have completed the technical and forensics phases of the investigation, we create an investigation report that describes in detail our process and findings. These reports can be presented to the authorities and crypto exchanges so they can take action against suspected crypto frauds. 

Uncover CryptoTransactions on the Blockchain with CryptoTrace Experts!

Crypto Trace gives its clients the tools they need to back up their claims. If you have lost money on the blockchain due to hacking or through crypto fraud, our experts will consult with you and launch a thorough investigation. We will present you with a thorough investigation report that can improve the chances of a successful result for your crypto claim.