Report a Crypto Scam: Take These Steps

Cryptocurrencies represent an exciting change from the usual way of earning, spending, saving, and investing. Digital currencies make transactions possible without using physical currencies and dealing with government regulations regarding currencies. The dark side of this Brave New World of cryptocurrencies is crypto scams. 

Unfortunately, there is an abundance of Bitcoin scams, Forex crypto scams, and Crypto scam brokers online. It can be difficult to determine which services are legitimate and which are frauds. If you have lost money in a crypto scam, consult today with Crypto-Trace experts who can help you file a claim and will conduct an intelligence report that can help authorities track down the fraudsters.

When Do You Report a Crypto Scam

You need to report a crypto scam as soon as you are the target of one. There can be many services that seem dodgy or investment opportunities that promise ridiculously high returns, but until you have experienced their fraudulent behavior firsthand, they can’t really be reported. 

Actually, people more likely to not report a crypto scam when they should than blow the whistle falsely on a legitimate service. Many people may be too embarrassed to report a crypto scam and are afraid of looking foolish. Others may not be sure if perhaps they misunderstood the terms and conditions or may not be using a product properly. That is why it is essential to consult with professionals such as Crypto-Trace to determine whether the service is real or fake.

What Is a Crypto Scam?

A crypto scam is any type of cryptocurrency service or investment that is intended to cheat people out of their money or phish their data rather than provide what is promised. It can be difficult to tell a scam from the real thing, but there are warning signs. The following are types of Crypto scams: 

  • Crypto scam brokers with fraudulent investments
  • Crypto Phishing scams
  • Celebrity imposter social media scams
  • Blackmail Bitcoin scams
  • Fake wallets and apps

Any of these scams can look very close to legitimate counterparts. It is important to know what to look for and seek guidance from Crypto-Trace experts if you aren’t sure whether to trust a service or not.

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Signs of a Crypto Scam

Often people are not aware they have lost money to a crypto-scam until the theft has already occurred. However, if reported promptly, there may be a chance of catching the fraudsters and getting your funds back. The following are common signs of a crypto scam. 

  • Beware of crypto coins that can only be exchanged internally. Use reliable forms of cryptocurrency
  • The claim that the cryptocurrency only appreciates in value
  • You are not given detailed information about the product or the investment
  • If the crypto coin depends on referrals and commissions and doesn’t make money on its own. 
  • In the case of an investment scheme, if the broker is not regulated and licensed

The last sign that you have been targeted by a crypto scam is, of course, if you have lost money and the product or investment has been proven to be useless. At this point, there is still hope if you report a crypto scam fast enough.

Steps to Take to Report a Crypto Scam

The first thing to remember when you report a Crypto scam is to do so as quickly as you can. Unfortunately, perpetrators of Bitcoin scams tend to work quickly, because they are often involved in multiple criminal schemes and can quickly launder money from anywhere in the world. 

While it is important to make haste, you also should be sure you have all of the information you need. Make copies of all of the email and text communication, documents you may have signed, and screenshots of the website. All of these can be valuable clues for tracking down the crypto scam artists. Consult with Crypto-Trace experts and give them all of the information, outlining every step of your experience with the crypto scam.

What Will Happen After You Report a Crypto Scam

When you talk to a Crypto-Trace expert, they will carry out a full intelligence report on the crypto scam. When this is completed, the report can be used to file a crypto complaint with the regulator and the authorities. 

After the scam is reported, it may be resolved very quickly or it may take several weeks. It is important not to give up hope since many of these fraudsters are involved in a number of criminal activities and they are likely to get caught at some point, particularly if many people file complaints against them. 

Crypto-Trace intelligence reports aid authorities in finding crypto scams and their perpetrators faster than they would if they started at the beginning. One reason it can take a while to identify, catch and prosecute cases of fraud is that often the authorities have to go it alone and start investigations from scratch. Crypto-Trace’s in-depth research and detailed intelligence reports cut down the time, provide more information, and can help authorities do their job more efficiently.

Why You Should Report a Crypto Scam Right Away

Time is of the essence when it comes to reporting a crypto scam. Frauds involving cryptocurrency tend to work quickly with the money channeled into other illegal ventures. In addition, cryptocurrency is not completely anonymous, but provides significant concealment and cover for those who are involved in unscrupulous activities. 

The faster you can get a crypto intelligence report completed by providing information, the more likely you are to seek restitution, to help catch the scammers, and to have your money returned. There is no absolute guarantee, of course, getting started early definitely has its advantages.

Report a Crypto Scam: Talk to Crypto Trace Experts Today

No matter what type of fraudulent activity you want to report, whether it is a crypto scam broker or a Bitcoin scam, Crypto-Trace experts have the skill and resources to make sure that your voice is heard. We are well-versed in cryptocurrency technology, the financial industry and have vast experience with many types of regulators so we can improve your chances of success in seeking justice if you have been targeted by a crypto scam.