Broker Alert

On May 11th, 2024, Cryptotrace received notice about a possible scam from a customer via its CRM. The Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) also warned us about this potential fraud. and portray themselves as user-friendly forex trading platforms but there is little to back this up. There is little information available about the company and its location, owner, and services. They are not regulated or licensed by any financial institution and the ASC flagged them for not being registered. 

Tread carefully. It’s best to steer clear of these platforms to protect your money.

What To Do If You Were Scammed By This Broker

Be sure to gather all information and records of communication with the broker, including bank statements. File a complaint with the ASC as well as local authorities in your region. 

Report a Scam

Report the scam to Cryptotrace, an organization dedicated to investigating online scams and tracing lost funds to help victims of fraud.