Ebooking.com Broker Alert


On May 2nd, 2024, Cryptotrace received notice about a potential scam through its CRM system. Ebooking.com appears to be a website for booking vacations. It might be a scam website designed to steal personal information and credit card details. The name “Ebooking.com” is very similar to the legitimate booking platform Booking.com. This suggests an attempt to mislead users. There are several negative reviews about the platform mentioning issues like fake bookings, and difficulty contacting customer support. 

Avoid Ebooking.com. If you’re looking for accommodation, use the legitimate website Booking.com. They have a well-established reputation and secure booking procedures.

What To Do If You Were Scammed By This Broker

Make sure you gather all information and records of communication, including receipts. File a complaint with phishing or scam website databases such as Google Safe Browsing, or OpenPhish. You can also leave a customer review to warn others and help them avoid falling victim. If you lost money, report it to local authorities such as the Federal Trade Commission (US), or Action Fraud (UK). Finally, consider reaching out to Booking.com to make them aware of this impersonation scheme. 

Report the scam to Cryptotrace, an organization dedicated to investigating online scams and helping victims of fraud.